A Summer Under Cultivation

From the Arvo Pärt Project

“Winter under cultivation,” wrote Emily Dickinson, “is as arable as spring.” Here at the Arvo Pärt Project we’re experiencing a summer under cultivation. Seeds are in the ground, germinating, getting ready to shoot upwards, even as much of Estonia, and some of America, goes on holiday.

In the past two weeks alone we have been receiving letters of support from Estonia, including from the Minister of Culture. Our Facebook page and website are receiving a sudden parabolic increase in friends worldwide, some of whom are writing us with excitement at what is to come. In short, we feel we are beginning to tap into that vein that we always knew was there: the powerful support of people who see Arvo Pärt’s work as a cultural phenomenon and a spiritual force. There are thousands upon thousands who feel just as we do about his music and it’s great to be in their company, with something potentially to offer.

In some respects we are only beginning; in others, we’ve come far. We are collaborating with some important and creative venues for concerts and lectures in May 2014, and are beginning to pave the ground towards the publications/documentary project. We are also gathering a team of talented and committed colleagues for the many tasks that await us.

We continue to be enthralled and humbled by the task of working with Arvo and Nora Pärt and with their associates, to elicit and “translate” their yet unspoken words about his music. Keep the support coming – your thoughts, your prayers, however you express these things. And we’ll be keeping you posted from our end.

The Arvo Pärt Project Team