The Arvo Pärt Centre Signs A Contract For The Information System For The Digital Archive

From the International Arvo Pärt Centre

On 29 June the International Arvo Pärt Centre signed an agreement with Opus Online for the database for the Centre’s digital archives.

The database will store information about the composer and his life, including digital information and links to materials in the physical archive, and will make the archive accessible for both researchers and the composer himself.

Work on the database started in 2010 with descriptions of the data modelling that would structure the possible connections between the existing information and the data exchange. A functioning prototype of the database was completed in February 2012 based on the data model and is being used as the foundation for further development of the database.

Although archive systems can be found in many places in the public and private sectors, investigations showed that none of them really met the needs of the centre, as the centre was looking for system that has the functions of both an archive and an information system. The centre’s information system is unusual because it needs to be able to link objects in the physical archive with a vast amount of complementary material such as musical works by Arvo Pärt, performances of the music, recordings, reflections, biographical details about the composer, his own words, pictures, and much more, and all the connections between these items. 

Under the contract, Opus Online will hand the database over to the centre on 1 January 2013, after which the process of entering the data into the completed system can begin. The next stages in the development of the archive database will be a solution to enable the automatic transfer of existing data into the database and to develop the public internet interface for the database.